Feb 20 2013
Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

—Tony Stark - “The Avengers”

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Sep 07 2012
Aug 12 2012

Went to a friends wedding today and I caught the bouquet!

My boyfriend also caught the garter… true story. 

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May 05 2012

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Dec 22 2011

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Nov 18 2011

How to use a cloth and bucket…

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Nov 18 2011
  • Merlin: *whispers* Arthur...
  • Arthur: *opens eyes in confusion*
  • Merlin: *whispers* Arthur...
  • Arthur: *jumps out of bed and grabs sword* Who's there?
  • Merlin: *pops out from under the bed with a sheepish grin* It's me...Merlin.
  • Arthur: *jumps* You're back.
  • Merlin: I never left.
  • Arthur: You mean...
  • Merlin: Yes.
  • Arthur: You've been under my bed this whole time?
  • Merlin: *scowls* No...no of course not.
  • Arthur: Cause if you were...
  • Merlin: I wasn't, I swear.

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Oct 28 2011
BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I miss this!!!!!!!!

BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I miss this!!!!!!!!

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Oct 03 2011
Hi Res
Sep 29 2011

Crazy Cars

  • Candi: *ducks swiftly in fright* I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Me: Not you... the stupid lady in the car next to us.
  • Both: *stare at each other and laugh hysterically*

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Sep 29 2011
Hi Res

Assassins have no love for Stormtroopers. 


Assassins have no love for Stormtroopers. 

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Sep 26 2011
Hi Res
Sep 08 2011

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Sep 07 2011
Jun 09 2011

The Mummy

  • Rick: Why are you here?
  • Evie: I'm sure you must be wondering what a place like me... is doing in a girl like this.
  • Rick: Something like that.
  • Evie: *pulls out locket* Well you see, my father loved Egypt so much, he married my mother... who was Egyptian.
  • Rick: Okay, I get your mom, and I get your dad... and I get him *points to her brother*, but what are you doing here?
  • Evie: I am proud of what I am... I... am a librarian... and I... I'm going to kiss you now...

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