Stand Out Among the Roses

I'm Arielle. I'm 22. I'm a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and drummer. I write Scifi/Fantasy/Adventure novels. I love photography, and I live every day to make people smile.

"Barton Hollow" - Karton Kids (Cover)

The video is finally on youtube. As promised, here it is. :) I hope you enjoy watching it as much as Aaron and I enjoyed making it. 


Cover by Arielle Jones

Original by Paramore

Forgive the sound quality. My dorm doesn’t have great acoustics and my web camera is terrible. Also… I forgot to turn of mirror image. :-P I’m not left handed.

"My Immortal" - Cover by Arielle Jones  (me :P)

Original by Evanescence

For Erik <3

"Skyscraper" Cover by Arielle Jones

This song goes out to anyone who ever told me I’m worthless, and anyone who ever told me I could never achieve my goals and dreams.

Original by Demi Lovato

"The Second Star to the Right" Cover

I figured out the chords myself. Not too shabby :)

Peter Pan’s always been my favorite Disney movie. 

"I’ll Try Cover"

Original by Jonatha Brooke

from the movie Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland

Got my new guitar today and just had to try it out immediately! :D This is one of my favorite songs! Enjoy!

"In the Mourning" Cover

Did this over spring break and found it sitting on my computer. It’s acapella, but it’s not too bad for having no music to follow. I LOVE this song. Paramore, you guys rock hard. Keep at it! ;)

Me singing “Breathe (2 AM)”

Wish I had better mic quality and a better guitar…