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I'm Arielle. I'm 22. I'm a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and drummer. I write Scifi/Fantasy/Adventure novels. I love photography, and I live every day to make people smile.

Connor is Boss!

He makes Ezio look kinda lame… and that’s saying something…


Altaïr Cosplay by zahnpasta


Tu sei un Auditore. Sei un combattente. Perciò combatti! (You are an Auditore. You are a fighter. So fight!)” - Giovanni Auditore

Happy Father’s Day!

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Desmond’s Ancestors

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"Assassin’s Creed 3 E3 Trailer"

*Jaw drops* This guy almost makes Ezio look like a beginner. Weaving in and out on a full fledged battlefield?! Hats off to you Connor.



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