I’ve had multiple people in the past few months tell me I look JUST like Katy Perry. I didnt believe them until I looked up some of her younger photos. 

(Katy Perry in the top photo. I’m the girl on the right in the bottom photo)

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Every time I’m happy, someone does something else that makes me put up my walls. I’ve been compared to Emma Swan a lot lately, but I’m starting to think I may be worse…

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Random Photography Tip

The flash is not always your best friend. Try to get away with natural light as much as you can. The flash often makes the background dark, and skin looks shiny and far too bright. If you want richer color, and the lighting is decent, use the natural light instead.

random photography

"Falling" by Avalon Ave.

(Original by The Civil Wars)

This is a completely, on the fly, acapella version of Falling. We didn’t practice beforehand, so excuse any mistakes.


(Original material coming soon)

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