Then, Éowyn of Rohan, I say to you that you are beautiful. In the valleys of our hills there are flowers fair and bright, and maidens fairer still; but neither flower nor lady have I seen till now in Gondor so lovely, and so sorrowful. It may be that only a few days are left ere darkness falls upon our world, and when it comes I hope to face it steadily; but it would ease my heart, if while the Sun yet shines, I could see you still. For you and I have both passed under the wings of the Shadow, and the same hand drew us back.

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LOTR Lord of the Rings

Legolas Vs. Gimli

Legolas: Final count... 42.

Gimli: Not bad for a pointy eared elvish princeling.

Legolas: *scowls*

Gimli: I myself am sitting pretty on 43.

Legolas: *quickly nocks and arrow and shoots body Gimli is sitting on* *Smiles cheekily* 43 .

Gimli: He was already dead!

Legolas: *defensively* He was twitching.

Gimli: That's because he's got my axe embedded in his nervous system!!!!!

Legolas Gimli LOTR Lord of the Rings