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Paramore | Emergency


Paramore | Emergency

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Sep 01 2011
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May 01 2011
This is why Paramore is awesome… xD

This is why Paramore is awesome… xD

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Mar 05 2011

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Feb 24 2011

I hope Paramore does a reunion tour with Josh and Zach at some point… I have yet to see them in concert :-/

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Feb 14 2011
Love this music video!

Love this music video!

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Dec 27 2010

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Dec 20 2010

RIP Paramore

So…. my favorite band is no more, as you may have noted. I know Zach and Josh have their reasons for leaving Paramore, but that doesn’t change the fact that I will never get to see them in concert now. They have no idea how much their music helped me grow both as a musician and as a person. God used their gifts to bring me encouragement and I’m very thankful for it. I’m feeling a little bit better now that the initial shock has worn off. Still, its not easy to think that the Paramore that was is over. I have no idea where the band will go next, but Hayley isn’t giving up, so I’ll stay behind her, Taylor and Jeremy.

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Nov 24 2010
Epicness… totally love those jeans!

Epicness… totally love those jeans!

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