Stand Out Among the Roses

I'm Arielle. I'm 22. I'm a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and drummer. I write Scifi/Fantasy/Adventure novels. I love photography, and I live every day to make people smile.

Why yes….I did capture this awesome image of the new parade with my phone. #proudphotographer

These two princesses made my day. They rode Barnstormer multiple times last night, and they were back again tonight. I recognized them and took the time to learn their names so I could talk to them each time they came by. By the time the park closed, they’d ridden 28 times today alone. They ran up to me after they got off and gave me big hugs. Making them smile was the highlight of my night. It wasn’t just a magic moment for them. They created a magic moment for me. 

Me and Minnie Mouse :)

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Working in Fantasyland!!!!!!

You guys need to stop giving them names like this. “Spieling Peter” lost is job because of it. There’s a thing called character integrity. The second they are known as something other than Peter Pan and it reaches notoriety, they are recast or let go. Please be considerate of the cast members.

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Excited about Avatar Land. It makes perfect sense to me.

Its official!

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I want to follow all of you lovelies.

You guys… I just realized I’m an official Disney Cast Member.

I almost wish I would have told them to put Ari on my nametag instead of Arielle so I don’t have an identity crisis…


I GOT INTO THE DCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




"He’s a Pirate"

Still fine tuning the kinks, but what do you think of the arrangement?